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Reza Filsoofi is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer, born in Tehran, Iran. 

Filsoofi commenced his musical journey in Iran, under the tutelage of master musicians such 

as Zarrabian, Shoaari and Arash Farhangfar and under the supervision of the great master 

Naser Farhangfar. Filsoofi plays santoor and setar, along with principal percussive instruments such as daf and tonbak. 


Filsoofi has performed with masters such as Davood Azad, Faramarz Aslani, and Ardeshir 

Farah. His collaboration with Davood Azad in 2015 in the Asia Society and Museum in New York City and in the Sivanasda Ashram Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas have been his milestone professional achievements.   


Since Filsoofi moved to the United Sates in 2001 he has been actively teaching and performing in different venues. His versatile musical styles combined with his expansive knowledge of different classical instruments, have given him opportunities to collaborate with artists and musicians in various projects such as World and Melody with Soheila Ghodstinat (Iranian actress and playwright); Roshana Nofret (American dancer and choreographer) in the Sephardic Music Project; Susana Behar (Cuban Singer) and Jose Louis De la Paz (Spanish composer and Flamenco Guitar Player), the Trio FEZ; the Middle-Eastern Music Performance with Joe Zeytounian (American-Armenian Musician) and Myriam Eli (Cuban Performer). 


Filsoofi currently lives in Nashville. He is the director of the Caravan Ensemble which promotes Iranian music and culture in the United States.   

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