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Found In Translation

"Found In Translation" Transcending spoken words with music. 


Our Story

Found in Translation” formed a few years ago. Friendship and mutual understanding were the ultimate goals of this band.

First, Alfred met JP. Then I met and joined them. Our friendship grew in the midsts of our meetings, the taste of Persian tea and Middle Eastern delight, and of course our endless music practices. We shared our stories, and we laughed at each other’s jokes. Our time together was magical. I would pick up the Setar, JP the Guitar and Alfred the Frame Drum. One would suggest a song or melody, and the other would try them with their instrument. We practiced together for two years, passionately, and enjoyed every moment of it. We finally decided to share this with others. We are thankful to Sofar for their support and the platform they provided for us to share our music and magical moments. For this performance, which happened in April, we created the same environment for our audience. We shared our music, our stories, and jokes while we were having our tea . What everyone heard and experienced that night was the reflection of the love we would share for our music and each other.

Desert waltzFound In Translation
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Dirt road to green Found In Translation
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